Our sister division Mobilia Decor, offers a vast array of different products in the Domestic and Corporate Market, for all your Furniture, Furnishings, Kitchens and Appliances, representing brands such as Samsung, LG, Defy and more.

Our Mobilia Industrial division, caters for the procurement and sales of products in the Industrial and Specialist markets, such as Earthmoving Equipment, Solar Energy, CCTV Security, Medical Equipment, Generators and more.

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Our Main Lines


For all your home and office furniture, carpets, bedding, curtains, flooring and decor furnishings.


For all your home, restaurants and office small and large appliances, including air conditioners.


For all home and office supply of computer hardware, software and consumables, and web design.


For the supply of all photographic equipment, photo accessories and photographic studio requirements.


For the supply of specialist and industrial markets equipment and consumables. General procurement.


For all Air, Sea and Road freight and forwarding requirements, including documentation and clearing.

our advantages

Competitive prices on all our products

Professional advice and support

Quick turn around quoting and follow-up

Under one roof from sale to export

Honesty and integrity

Vast diversity of products

a few words about website development

From inception, Mobilia Decor House cc, starting at first with the retailing of home and office furniture products, enjoyed relative growth, securing over time a stable presence in the marketplace. Its fundamental design of addressing not just the immediate requests of clients but also to attempt to address potential peripheral requirements at time of sale, made for a more complete sales objective, whose dynamics met the approval of the client base and indicated the way to go forth.
In preparation for "things to come", and before venturing into the next plan for growth, a solid foundation was set, drawn from decades of corporate experience. The objective was to extend the range of products with views to address all potential consumers with their varied needs, much of it being outside the world of decor. Afterall, our own sister company in the computer & I.T industry, CML Software Developers ("CML Softdev"), was already formed, and this, some two years before Mobilia was formed. Enjoying great success, begging to grow even further.
In line with ideal company taxation solutions, and as a backbone defense for the "occasional economic depressions" syndrome, integration of Softdev as a division of the appointed main company, Mobilia, was the obvious design objective to follow. This was accomplished inclusive of the re-arrangement of market presence by means of a marketing strategy that included re-development of internet websites with views to establish an independent managed platform for each division. Mobilia Imaging & I.T. now runs alongside Mobilia Decor. This successfull integration would form the motivation for the next step, yet another division to come.
Due to our very successful relationship in overseas markets, especially the neighbouring african countries, particularly with Angola and Moçambique, Procurement, became a paramount service and exploded into product knowledge diversity with the eventual imports and exports know-how that accompanies each sale project. For the sake of better management, marketing strategy and to keep in line with the relative independent product categorization, we saw the need to establish and integrate another division to serve this client area of demand. Mobilia Industrial independently of the other divisions in the gorup, suitably meets our industrial and specialist market client's requirements, and incorporates all freight and forwarding clearing in-house.
We now cover A to Z with all divisions managed independently by professionally trained staff members. We hope to continue serving our clients in the best way possible and to create solid relationships that justifies their support. We work for you and attempt to give you always the best prices possible. While you are here, why not confirming it for yourself by visiting this division's special offers available, interested? Just click the "more" button below:


Our Divisions

Mobilia Decor, for all your furniture, carpets, curtains, flooring and appliances requirements


Furniture, Furnishings, Appliances & Decor.

Mobilia Imaging & I.T., for all your computing, audio-visual and multimedia requirements


Computers, Photo & Audio-Visual.

Mobilia Trading, for all your Procurement, Industrial and specialist equipment and freight and forwarding clearing


Industrial and Specialist Equipment.