Our sister division Mobilia Decor, offers a vast array of different products in the Domestic and Corporate Market, for all your Furniture, Furnishings, Kitchens and Appliances, representing brands such as Samsung, LG, Defy and more.

Our Mobilia Industrial division, caters for the procurement and sales of products in the Industrial and Specialist markets, such as Earthmoving Equipment, Solar Energy, CCTV Security, Medical Equipment, Generators and more.

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Elegant Garden

Web & I.T. Analysis

Be it Web presence or general I.T. requirements, it all starts with a full scope analysis of needs before setting foundations.

Small & Large Building

Website Creation

Web development must be W3C compliant and a corporate internet identification is your paramount worldwide business card.

Perfect Plans & Projecting

Web & I.T. Support

Your web presence maintained or IT product supported, including specialist database support and computer repairs.

Energy Repair

Graphic Design

Graphical design undertaken, for web and specialist corporate projects, vectored or dynamic rendering.


Specialist I.T. services

Elegant Garden

SLA Contractual Server Management.

We offer a comprehensive server management solution for physical servers across a broad array of platforms, including Windows, Linux and UNIX, to control, automate and monitor I.T. frameworks.

Small & Large Building

Cloud Technology Services

Server virtualization makes it possible to run multiple applications and operating systems on fewer hardware resources, improving utilization of I.T. resouces and increasing capacity infrastructures.


main services overview

Corporate I.T. requirements analysis

Personal & Corporate Website development

Physical and virtual server management

Graphic and repro vector design

Computers and peripherals repairs

Networking design and implementation

Custom software development

General office automation